Warehouse 2020 was started with a vision of helping creators find all the resources they would need to grow their own creative business.  

Person knitting a hat using yarnicorn yarn from we are knitters (WAK)

Hi, I'm Jessica, the creative one. Working with my hands is where I thrive, and I'm so blessed to have been able to turn my knitting hobbies into a full at-home business over at @wild.child.designs.  As a long-time maker, and fellow handmade shop owner, I understand the challenges and struggles of makers.  Sourcing materials can feel daunting, and end up taking up a HUGE amount of your time, so I hope that we have been able to make that process a little bit easier for you!


person throwing faux fur fabric squares in the air, which are used to show people how to make faux fur pom poms

Hi, I'm Jared, the (over) analytical one.  I like stories...so... Once upon a time there was a girl, she made things, people liked them, so she made more.  Her husband was surprised.  Then she very nicely convinced (forced) her husband to make things too (spoiler alert: it was the faux fur pom poms).  The husband found a lot of joy in seeing others succeed in their creative endeavors.  Thus Warehouse 2020 was born with a vision to help creators succeed in all of their goals.  Let us know how we can help you.