VIP Pom Club

Hey Maker Friend 😊


We love makers and fibre artist.  We live and breathe the same problems, goals, and successes. 

Just like you, we have a desire to grow in our craft and business.


The Warehouse2020 VIP Club is our way to give back as much as we can to the maker community we love so much.  It is for makers who create for fun, friends, and family; and it is for makers who create to grow a business or a side hustle. 


Joining the VIP Club is super easy.  It just takes one order of 50 or more poms, at a special discounted price of 30% off. 


The VIP Perks for our first year started with only discounts on Poms.  The perks have grown and will probably never stop, haha.  So here they are:

  • POMS: lifetime 30% discount on finished poms.
    • After your initial order, there is no minimum quantity requirement to get the lifetime 30% discount. This means you will get a 30% discount on an order of only 1 pom.
  • YARN:
    • 15% off orders of 5 or more skeins (vs our normal bulk yarn discount that requires a minimum 10 skein purchase). Excludes Luxe Bundles and Indie Dyed Yarns.
    • Early access to any of our small batch hand-dyed yarn releases.  More and more unique hand-dyed options are coming for our VIP members.
    • All of our current patterns will be available to you for free!
  • MAKERS are our jam and we want to support them.
    • We want to get other supplies and notions from our maker friends who make things that we do not.  If you make things that fall into these categories, let us know, as we would love to support you and help promote your products if we are able to!
  • THE FACEBOOK GROUP is a small community we started consisting of other knitwear shops that value collaboration over competition.  Slow fashion is a craft and we can all find ways to grow our businesses together.

NEXT STEPS for a Pom order:

  • STEP 1: go to
  • STEP 2: order 50 or more poms
  • STEP 3: use code “VIP2020” at checkout for 30% off
  • STEP 4: we will send you an invite to the Facebook group and a personal VIP discount code for future orders
  • STEP 5: let’s grow your knit shop together.

P.S.  It goes without saying, but definitely email or DM us if you have any questions at all.


Thank you 😊

-Jared and Jessica