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Valentine's Heart Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

Jessica Bodner

I started making these heart hats a number of years ago, and they are the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day lineup (honestly, they are super cute any time of year!). The heart is created using a technique called "Duplicate Stitch".  You knit a full solid hat (Use our free...

Free Knitting Pattern // Classic Peruvian Wool Hat

Jessica Bodner

Free Pattern - A classic knit using your favorite Peruvian wool yarns, this pattern comes in baby, kids, and adult sizes, and is a super quick and easy knit!

How to Make a Faux Fur Pom! (Video)

Jared Bodner2 comments

How to Make a Faux Fur Pom!

The Alpine Toque - Free Knitting Pattern!

Jared Bodner4 comments

The Alpine Toque is the very first knitting pattern I formally wrote out (after years of making hats with my own patterns in my head or jotted down on the notes app in my phone).  It's a quick and easy knit that provides a bit of texture, but is super...