Noventa Alpine Hat Knitting Pattern

Noventa Alpine Hat Knitting Pattern

Jessica Bodner

Re-written just for the newest yarn base from Malabrigo - NOVENTA, this version of the Alpine hat is a quick knit that only requires one skein of yarn!

The Alpine Toque is the very first knitting pattern I formally wrote out (after years of making hats with my own patterns in my head or jotted down on the notes app in my phone).  It's a quick and easy knit that provides a bit of texture, but is super simple - perfect for someone new to knitting!  If you have figured out how to knit and purl, you can definitely make this hat!


You can find Malabrigo Noventa HERE



Method         Knitting

Skill Level       Beginner

Needle            US size 13 (9.00mm) circular needles (16” length)

Other              Yarn/tapestry needle

                        Faux fur or yarn pom of your choice 


Yarn               Malabrigo Noventa - approximately 105g / 70 metres.

Gauge            following the k1 p1 pattern of the main body (alternating every 2 rows), 8 rows x 5 sts = 2" square



k                  knit stitch

p                  purl stitch

k2tog           knit 2 together

p2tog           purl 2 together

r(s)               row(s)

*                   repeat 

st(s)             stitch(es)

sm                stitch marker



This pattern is for an Adult size head (approx 21-24" head circumference). This hat is meant to fit relatively fitted with a touch of extra length (depending on head size).  If you prefer further length, feel free to add on two more rows, prior to beginning the decrease section.



Cast on 48 stitches on to your circular needles and join to knit in the round.  Place sm.

BRIM: k1, p1 around for the brim.  Repeat for a total of 9 rows


R1: *p1 k1*

R2: *p1 k1*

R3: *k1 p1*

R4: *k1 p1*

Repeat R1-R4 four more times for a total of five repeats (20 body rows total)


Repeat R1-R2 one more time

At this point your hat should measure approximately 8" from the brim edge.  Add further repeats if you desire to add extra length (please note this may affect the look of your decrease stitches and yardage required)

DECREASE (switch to double pointed needles if desired):

R1: *k1, k2tog, p1* (36 sts)

R2: k2, *k2tog, p1* repeat until there is 1 st left.  Slip this st, remove sm, slip st back to the left needle, and k2tog.  Place sm. (24 sts)

R3: *k2tog (12 sts)

Cut a 12 inch tail, and pull your tail through all remaining sts on your needles.  Pull tight to close, and weave in your ends.

Add the faux fur pom pom of your choosing and VOILA!  Enjoy!!





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