Malabrigo Rasta

Malabrigo Rasta

Jessica Bodner

Malabrigo Rasta does not need an introduction, but if you are new to this yarn, let me tell you why Rasta is a fan-favorite around here!

Firstly - Merino wool, need I say more?  The softest, most buttery and delicious wool makes for silky smooth yarn.  Rasta is slightly felted (meaning the single-ply yarn wont split easily), making it really nice to work with.  Because it's a super bulky weight yarn, projects work up quickly!

In addition to its softness, Rasta also comes in the most beautiful, kettle-dyed colour-ways.  From variegated to gorgeous pastel tonals, there's a colour option for everyone!


We have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to our love of Rasta - you can check it out HERE!

If you haven't tried Rasta yet and are ready to give it a try, or if you are running out of your favourites and need to stock up, click HERE to see all of the available colours.


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