Valentine's Heart Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

Valentine's Heart Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

Jessica Bodner

I started making these heart hats a number of years ago, and they are the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day lineup (honestly, they are super cute any time of year!).

The heart is created using a technique called "Duplicate Stitch".  You knit a full solid hat (Use our free Classic Peruvian Wool Hat pattern found here ), and then you add the heart afterwards using a yarn needle and some scrap yarn of your choosing.

Duplicate stitch is really simple and a fun way to add any sort of shape or pattern to your finished knitwear!

What You Need:

  • A finished solid Adult-size hat
  • Approximately 5 metres of an accent yarn of your choice (It's best to use the same type of yarn that you used for your hat
  • A yarn needle

Instructions: (If you learn better via video tutorial, click here)

I like to start my heart placement 2 rows above the brim, with the point of the heart lining up with a knit column from the brim, but you can switch that up as you desire.  Just don't start the heart too high or it will get lost at the crown of the hat and under the fluffy pom.

Thread the accent yarn on to the yarn needle.  It will be long to begin with, so be careful not to get it tangled.  If you are using a single ply wool that splits/breaks easily, you can gently twist the yarn as needed to keep it from tearing.

Start by locating the first V-shaped knit stitch that you would like to be the bottom point of your hat.  Thread the yarn from the inside to the outside, through the base/bottom point of that knit stitch.

   Next, you want to pull the yarn back through the bottom/base of the stitch.


 Pull it all the way through, tight enough so that it's about the same size as the stitch that is underneath it.  Don't pull too tight or the underneath colour will show through your heart.

 Locate the 3 knit stitches for your second row of the heart.  Start at one end by poking your needle through the base of that stitch.  Follow the same steps as you did for the first stitch and complete the second row of 3 stitches.



Now, all you have to do is follow the graph below and finish your heart, continuing to work from the bottom to the top, row by row.

Here is the graph for the heart pattern:


 Once you have finished your heart, trim the excess yarn and weave in your ends!

And there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed this pattern/tutorial! 

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