New Items and Updates below

    • 17 colours currently available
    • There is currently a limited supply but we will be adding more shortly   
    • Pre-Orders will be available for any colours that run out.  We can not guarantee a time frame for receiving them.  But typically it would be between 2-6 weeks.  If for any unforseen reasons we are unable to acquire the furs you ordered, you will be issued a full refund.

    • Now all store items (except faux fur fabric) will have flat rate shipping to Canada + USA
    • Flat rate shipping is $10 CAD



    • 2 options are currently available
    • more will be coming soon (let us know if there are any designs you would like us to make)

        • RASTA  (18 colours currently)
        • MORE...coming soon!!

      • more items will be coming soon

        • 3 currently available from Wild Child Designs
        • we will be selling other patterns shortly
        • if you have patterns that you would like to sell with us please contact us at

        • 2 Options
          • Assorted: we pick 10 colours for you
          • Build A Bag: you pick whatever colours you want
            • there is now no minimum or maximum quantity
            • pay for each individual square

      POM POMS
        • 27 colours currently available
          • constantly updating and looking for new additions
        • LIMITED SUPPLY Pom Poms  
          • 4 colours currently running low
          • these poms are limited for various reasons.  Some we are just testing customer interest.  Some we are unable to acquire anymore or are waiting for the manufacturer to produce more.  Some have been discontinued.
        • NEW PROCESS
          • all poms are now attached with much stronger nylon string
          • by default they will come with thick nylon that can be used with wood buttons or tied directly onto the hat
          • metal snaps can also be fastened to the pom poms
            • if you would like to attach your own metal snaps then we would tie up your pom poms with thin nylon string which makes it much easier to attach the metal snaps (let us know in advance if you would prefer this option).

      GIFT CARDS are now available