Bubblegum Fake Fur Faux Fur Fabric by the Metre / Yard

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1/4 Yard/Metre (18" x 30")
1/2 Yard/Metre (18" x 62")
1 Yard/Metre (36" x 62")

Bubblegum Fake Fur Faux Fur Fabric by the Metre / Yard

Product Info: 

Bubblegum Fake Fur has a white base with bright hot pink tips.  High quality long pile faux fur fabric with a pile length of approximately 2" inches.  Sold in quarter metres, half metres, full metres and in continuous metres.  The fake fur fabric is 62" inches wide.



Perfect for faux fur pom poms (obviously).  Can also be used for various applications, including: faux fur clothing, fake fur costumes, fur coats, bags, boots, blankets, stuffed animals, home decor, and other accessories, etc.


Product Details:

  • Made From 100% Acrylic
  • Width: 62"
  • Pile Length: Approximately 2" Inches
  • Weight: 1500 grams = 3.3 pounds per yard/metre
  • Sold in Quarter Yards/Metres, Half Yards/Metres, Full Yards/Metres and in Continuous Yards/Metres


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